Callaway Nikon LR550 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Callaway LR550 Rangefinder
Callaway LR550 Laser Golf Rangefinder
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Callaway LR550 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Looking for a rangefinder that can give accurate distances up to 550 yards away? The Callaway LR550 Golf Rangefinder does just that and more and receives very good reviews from owners.

Many laser rangefinders have difficulty identifying the flag when it's set against trees or other objects in the background. First Target Mode eliminates this problem by using the closest target to obtain range information.

In addition to First Target mode, the Callaway Nikon LR550 Laser Rangefinder provides a number of other useful distance calculating modes. When in Continuous Mode, the LR550 allows you to scan the hole or green and provides ranges for mulitiple targets for up to eight seconds. Very useful for determining distances around hazards such as bunkers or lakes in addition to ranges for the green and flag.

Superior Optics

The Callaway Nikon LR550 offers 6X magnification, multicoated optics, and a nitrogen-sealed, water-proof casing. Perfect for eyeglass wearers, the LR550s are comfortable offering long eye relief and a folding rubber eyecup.

A built-in reticle and LCD display come together to inform the user when ranging is underway.



  • First Target Priority mode showcases the distance to the closest target
  • Calculate ranges immediately
  • Accurate to within a single yard
  • Extremely fast, easy, single touch distances
  • Long Eye Relief as well as folding rubber eyecup
  • In progress ranging via built-in reticle
  • Multiple target ranges in sequence for up to eight seconds
  • Multicoated optics  
  • Focusing diopter
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Adjustable Backlit Digital reticle LCD

Callaway LR550 Laser Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Callaway LR550 from actual golfers who own this unit are outstanding overall.  More than 90% of all reviews we've found rank this unit as 4 stars or better (out of 5).

Positive Customer Reviews

Very light and easy to use and handle. The 6X monocular really can be useful on the course and the quality is just what you might expect out of Nikon. Very happy with my LR500.
-- C.C.

Display is very easy to read and the eight second active mode makes finding and locking in on a target easy. I was turned off by the yellow color at first but trust me, it stopped me from leaving it behind a few times.  Accurate distances, great optics.
-- K.S.

In my opinion, this is the best rangefinder on the market for the money. It gives accurate distances even at courses without reflective prisms.
-- A.B.

Negative Customer Comments

Works great on sunny days, but on cloudy days the distances seem to be off and/or inconsistent.
-- Y.T.

If you're more than 150 yards away, you must hold it super, super steady.  Can be difficult to use.
-- J.C.