Leupold GX-2 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Leupold GX-2 Digital Golf Rangefinder
Leupold GX-2 Laser Golf Rangefinder
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Leupold GX-2 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Looking for rangefinder that can double as a caddy and even a statistician? The Leupold GX-2 Rangefinder does all this and more and is sure to improve anyone's golf game.  

The GX-2 is one of four devices in Leupold's GX series of golf rangefinders. The GX-1 and GX-3 are tournament approved rangefinders offering only distance information to targets. The GX-2 and GX-4 are advanced range finders, illegal in most competitive golf situations, that include Leupold's True Golf Range and Club Selector technology.

True Golf Range (TGR) Technology

The Leupold GX-2, on the surface, is just like any laser rangefinder. You will have the ability to get accurate distance measurements to the flag or to hazards like sand traps and water. What sets the GX-2 apart is the True Golf Range mode with slope adjustment. When you change to TGR mode, the GX-2 rangefinder transforms itself into a personal caddy, providing ranging information based on a number of factors including the slope of your lie, the hole and current weather conditions. The GX-2 even includes the ability to receive club recommendations based on your own particular swing and average shot distance.

PinHunter Technology & Prism Lock

Like all rangefinders in the GX series, the GX-2 includes Leupold's PinHunter and Prism Lock engineering. Advanced laser beam technology provides accurate distances by filtering unwanted objects from the beam returned to the unit. Prism Lock makes locking on to the flag fast and easy. Simply point the GX-2 towards the green. If the flag makes use of reflective prisms, you'll have a lock on the flag and distance reading within seconds.

Fog & Scan Modes

The GX-2 also provides both Fog and Scan modes. Fog and bad weather can dramatically decrease the accuracy of most rangefinders.  Not the GX-2. Activate fog mode, and the GX-2's laser beam will slice through any bad weather to give you accurate distance readings to within a couple feet.  

Scan mode allows you to receive multiple ranges and distances to hazards and other objects in a single, fast sweep over the hole or green. As you press the power button and sweep the device, the LCD display will give live distance measurements.

The Leupold GX-2 Golf Laser Rangefinder includes premium optics including precision glass and top-of-the-line coating techniques producing incredible optics and precise ranging. The GX-2 comes with a user-friendly,easy-to-use, Quick Set Menu, offering you speedy entry to the full functionality of your rangefinder



  • Magnification: 6x
  • Line-of-sight distance: Yes
  • Scan mode: Yes
  • Prism Lock/PinHunter: Yes
  • Fog mode: Yes
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Inclinometer: Yes
  • True Golf Range: Yes
  • Club Selector: Yes
  • Smart Key: No
  • Body Material: Ruggedized plastic
  • Display: LCD
  • Selectable aiming reticles: 7
  • Maximum range: 750 yards (reflective target/prism); 350 yards (pin)
  • Battery life: 10,000 actuations
  • Dimensions: 4 by 2.75 by 1.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 6.8 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 year

Leupold GX-2 Laser Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Feedback of the GX-2 from actual golfers has been outstanding with over 90% of all reviews we've found being 4 or more (out of 5 stars)

Positive Customer Reviews

This rangefinder will change how you play the game. The slope adjustment feature is incredible and really gives a more accurate distance than the normal rangefinder does.
-- R.C.

Perfect size, works great. I was worried about problems with shaking but I have had zero problems on my course. PinHunter works great and the slope functionality is really cool.
-- B.T.

Negative Customer Comments

I have trouble keeping it from not shaking from over 170 yards or so.
-- G.